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Перевод слова

Перевод: move speek move

движение; перемена места; ход в игре ; переезд ; поступок ; шаг ; акция ; действие;
двигать; передвигать; перемещать; сдвинуть; подвинуть; пододвигаться; передвинуть; перекладывать; переходить в другие руки; перевестись; переводить; тронуться; двигаться; сдвигаться; передвигаться; перемещаться; шевелить; шевелиться; делать ход; приводить в движение; манипулировать; управлять; обращаться; переезжать; перебраться; перебираться; переселяться; вселяться; действовать; принимать меры; развиваться; идти; подвигаться; вращаться; трогать; тронуть; растрогать; волновать; умилять; побуждать; вызывать; вызывать действие; ходатайствовать; вносить; делать заявление; продаваться


  1. The gipsies looked so threatening that she thought they were going to attack Angela's father, but Farmer Yatton stood his ground, and presently the gipsies, grumbling loudly, began to move their horses, which they had unharnessed, back between the shafts of the caravans.
  2. How do you walk, move, sit, stand?
  3. The OCU carries out a mass start-up for its move from Cottesmore to Marham.
  4. From the United States come signs that the Japanese car manufacturers Toyota may be making its long-expected move to become "a force" in general aviation.
  5. The move will come as a shattering blow to the US-backed DRT initiative.
  6. The move marks an extraordinary volte face on the part of Coopers, which until last week was the only remaining firm in the original "Big Eight" without a potential partner.
  7. The accommodationist states including Jordan, in order to satisfy domestic opinion - in Jordan's case its East Bank Palestinian population - felt obliged to move into a common "steadfastness" stance with the more radical Arab states, most of which agreed to pay money into a Jordanian-PLO Joint Fund for Steadfastness.
  8. Hahnemann therefore had to move frequently as restrictions on his practice were imposed in one town after another, but despite this he lectured for a time on homoeopathy in the University of Leipzig and he had a large band of influential patrons and supporters as well as a number of able and gifted pupils.
  9. The consequent paradoxes are: convenient airports but no aircraft noise, an attractive unchanged countryside and an efficient agricultural industry, urban areas convenient and easy to move around, but with no noisy and intrusive traffic - in short, an ideal world.
  10. We have some hard thinking to do and we must move forward with a positive and radical agenda."
  11. Indeed, Nissan's original Japanese boss in Britain had his own office; it was the idea of Ian Gibson, his British successor, to move into the open.
  12. These open-country terrestrial primates mostly move in large groups of both sexes which are often elaborately structured.
  13. In another move yesterday which further highlighted the government's problems, Sirkka Hamalainen was appointed the new president of the Bank of Finland.

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