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Перевод слова

Перевод: marvel speek marvel

чудо; диво; замечательная вещь; прекрасный пример;
изумляться; восхищаться; удивляться; восхищать; дивиться


  1. Others made you marvel at their cleverness and knowledge: this was an achievement as well as an entertainment.
  2. You can also buy skimmed milk in powdered form; Marvel is one such product.
  3. Marvel at Henri La Mothe as he dives 28 feet into 12-; inches of water.
  4. If it is easy to despise the cult of Holiday, which even the singer herself seemed to fall victim to at times, one can still listen to these unassuming youthful records and marvel at the serenity of her musicianship.
  5. Bryan Robson, doubtful for the World Cup match against Poland 24 hours ago, returned for United last night to cruise for 20 minutes before erupting into Captain Marvel, never shirking a tackle and being denied two goals only by the crossbar and a brilliant diving save from Alan Knight.
  6. Even if you are not a skier, it is worth taking the funicular up to the slopes just to experience the journey and to marvel at the views opening out below.
  7. He dusted it a little, to marvel better, and then moved on to the glass coffin.
  8. I'm not afraid of you," and would marvel at the strength of her voice.
  9. An exceptional letter (wielding wit or thought or a new stance on an ageing issue) will not only win that automatic free year's Letter Of The Month subscription, but an array of mystery merchandise at which to marvel.
  10. It was a time when children were encouraged to fantasize about machines and outer space rather than marvel at the open spaces where the deer and buffalo roamed.
  11. The Minneapolis Marvel has left an indelible imprint on her.
  12. Another is to marvel at the pointlessness of many a sophisticated achievement and to be superior about it, the last, or one of the last, indulgences of a European.
  13. Timid observers will marvel at the bravery of the men who dare descend into these black pits for enjoyment and adventure: their reward is a visit to a fantastic nether world the rest of us will never see.

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