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Перевод слова

Перевод: marathon speek marathon

марафон ; марафонский бег


  1. Material: nylon/aluminium Colour: sage or teal Price: 45.99 Contact: Dalesman International Limited, Dalesman House, Marathon Place, Moss Side Ind Estate, Leyland, Lancs.
  2. The first of the 35,000 runners in the London Marathon will head along Lower Thames Street, close to the City blast site, at about 11.05 this morning.
  3. But I did that on marathon training.
  4. I DID not see the London Marathon this weekend, and so cannot complain about it too loudly, but my heartfelt sympathy goes out to those who found themselves confronted by 25,000 runners, all anxious to show how goodhearted they were and what fun they were having.
  5. I'VE BEEN ACCEPTED FOR London Marathon (other events)
  6. STEVE BRACE, Britain's leading runner in the ADT London Marathon tomorrow, has warned race favourites Mark Plaatjes and Yakov Tolstikov that it's anyone's race for the the 32,000 first prize.
  7. Mr Ashdown descended on the area yesterday for the third time in his marathon campaign amid growing recognition among Tories that the South-West could prove their Achilles' heel, a danger underlined by the Press Association opinion poll which showed a swing against the Conservatives in the region of six per cent.
  8. BBC1 have the London Marathon in the morning, starting at 8.55am, then it's over to ITV in the afternoon for the Rumbelow's League Cup final between Manchester United and Nottingham Forest, and in the evening BBC2 give more than three hours to the closing stages of the US Masters from Augusta.
  9. Price: 59.95 Material: water repellent leather, Vibram sole, Cambrelle lining Sizes: 3-;12, 36-;47 Contact: Dalesman International Ltd, 29 Marathon Place, Moss Side Ind Est, Leyland, Lancs PR5 3QN.
  10. The Houston-Tenneco Marathon has never paid a penny of "start money" in its 19 years of existence.
  11. Olympic marathoner Ed Eyestone never runs more than six days a week, even when preparing for a marathon.
  12. It's far better to protect their health for another day, for another London Marathon.
  13. London Marathon: Marathon pursuit of legendary excellence Michael Calvin on Steve Edwards' long-running love of perfection

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