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Перевод слова

Перевод: lighten speek lighten

освещать; давать свет; светлеть; сверкать; облегчать; делать более легким; делаться более легким; приносить облегчение; смягчать


  1. It would be nice to see him and his presence would lighten things.
  2. To lighten the proceedings he told us of an incident some years ago when there had still been a whaling station in the town.
  3. We had Fred and Ginger to lighten our load, as we settled our tattered bottoms into seats in grand, new palaces - the Astoria in Charing Cross, the Regal (now the Odeon) at Marble Arch - where we forgot our troubles in art-deco hotel suites, aboard cruise ships and in nightclubs, all gleaming and glittery on the silver screen.
  4. In 1989 Britain promised to reform its system of dealing with receipts from Brussels to lighten the Treasury's touch somewhat.
  5. We intend to lighten the burden of capital taxes and reform the taxation of savings.
  6. These upper-class penses lighten the load of an odyssey whose ports of call, for all her evocations, are barely distinguishable from one another.
  7. My conscience tells me that I owe it to God to be grateful to my father, who has spent his time unwearyingly upon my education, so that I may lighten his burden, look after myself and later on be able to support my sister
  8. The name is a reference to Mr Donovan's evidence that he sometimes applied lemon juice to lighten his hair, although never bleach.
  9. He tried to lighten his mood, grinning at her like a schoolboy, "Apart from anything else we could make love at breakfast-time, lunch-time and tea-time."
  10. The ships soon lost sight of each other and for three days were tossed violently about while cannon, horses, weapons and even food were thrown overboard to lighten them.
  11. Few of the learned tomes that have been written are for the domestic consumer and contain few, if any, recipes to lighten the technical detail.
  12. Elisabeth smiled, hoping to lighten the conversational tone and distract the Colonel from his purpose.
  13. We've tried to lighten it up."

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