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Перевод слова

Перевод: leave speek leave

разрешение; позволение; отпуск ; увольнение; уход ; отъезд ; прощание;
уезжать; уехать; уходить; оставлять; покидать; бросать; прекращать; оставлять в том же состоянии; завещать; оставить; оставлять после смерти; передавать; переезжать; удаляться; завезти; занести; предоставлять; проходить мимо; приводить в какое-л. состояние; покрываться листвой; сойти


  1. "Just because he wants to leave is no reason for us to strike a bargain price," Bassett said yesterday.
  2. We have a tea lady on our books at the moment who had to leave the hospital where she was working because of present retirement rules.
  3. If it does, I hope and pray that they will stop there and leave you alone, at least for the time being.
  4. "Leave it, Bridhe!"
  5. The establishing of national assemblies in Scotland and Wales and of regional assemblies in England could serve to stimulate a feeling of national identity at these levels, but this would still leave something of a lacuna at the United Kingdom level.
  6. With Paul Appleton as the project architect, Allies and Morrison is promising a park and tree-lined square, which will leave an uninterrupted view of the existing buildings from the river.
  7. He didn't leave no ticket.
  8. Go and leave me in my bed
  9. Weighing less than 100 grams, the young parr leave and spend one to five years at sea before returning, weighing up to 20 kg.
  10. And it was good that my brother-in-law and sister could have leave together.
  11. Mr Peter Smith, general secretary of the 120,000-strong Assistant Masters' and Mistresses' Association, said the general election result meant that hundreds of schools would seek to leave local authority control "within the next few weeks".
  12. See for yourselves, and when you leave Jordan it will be with the words - "Go in Peace, with God's protection" following after you.
  13. One imagines him, when a small boy repeatedly refusing to leave the crease when found LBW.

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