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Перевод слова

Перевод: learn speek learn

учить; учиться; узнавать; научиться; разучивать; выучивать; выучиваться; подучиваться; подучить; знакомиться


  1. And there are many men and women who, having "failed" at a first marriage, have gone on to learn from that failure and to have extremely happy second marriages.
  2. People may also learn to live with problems, complaining less as they get used to them.
  3. Men too may need to learn to delegate duties both at work and at home.
  4. But Searle does not show why the computer would not do as well as the Westerner, in conditions where he or it can learn meanings.
  5. But they could probably learn something from the occupational pluralism practised by crofters as an adaption to living on agricultural holdings too small to be economically viable.
  6. As humans, we may learn to talk, but the impetus to learn and the capability to acquire human language are instinctively human.
  7. I never did learn their surnames.
  8. Perhaps he thought I was the impersonator, dressed as a man, hoping to win his confidence and thus learn the kind of mannerisms and opinions he might reveal only in private.
  9. It will, however, be no surprise to learn that the Government is protected against that risk.
  10. While it may be strategic for a juvenile male to appease larger ones for a period and while he may learn elaborate social skills in the process, his ultimate strategy is to replace the dominant animal in terms of access to required commodities - especially mates.
  11. You can learn to paint at the foot of Cezanne's Mont Sainte-Victoire, to cook in Umbria, to ride in the Rockies, meditate in Andalucia, or to skin-dive in the Caribbean.
  12. to learn the history
  13. We soon learn that the huts give relief from yet more mosquitos, but compared to central Lappland insects these are either timid or full-up.

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