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Перевод слова

Перевод: iron speek iron

железный; сделанный из железа; сильный; крепкий; твердый; суровый; жестокий;
железо; черный металл; железное изделие; стремя; клюшка с железной головкой; утюг ; оковы ; кандалы ; препарат железа;
утюжить; отутюжить; гладить; проглаживать; выгладить; доглаживать; покрывать железом


  1. A hundred years ago, Corby was a little country village of cottages built of the local Jurassic limestone, which is often of a rich brown or rust colour due to the presence of iron oxide in the rock.
  2. Your doctor may also prescribe extra vitamins or iron tablets for you.
  3. Eggs and ordinary liver are the best sources of iron in food.
  4. A thesaurus (see Chapter 9) is essentially a database in its own right, with each word constituting a record, cross-referenced to other records or terms through a series of relationships which can be broad, narrow or related (e.g. "metal" is a narrower term of "inorganic", but it is a broad term of "iron".
  5. Since the reconstruction of the site commenced, the main building has been converted into workshops housing leather workers, a photographer, iron worker, and a number of other skilled artists and craftsmen.
  6. The tiny single room was jammed with the mossy timbers of disused sheep pens, but the little iron fire grate that once warmed the hardy men who worked here was still set in the foot of the hut's tottering gable end, and the massive stone lintel had not yet fallen from its place above the doorway.
  7. Subsequently, iron ore was also mined at Boulby, and the foundations of a shanty town of corrugated iron huts, locally nicknamed "Tin City", remain where miners lived until the 1930s.
  8. Evidently a medieval castle had been built on the site of an Iron Age fort.
  9. The rusted, corrugated iron roof was replaced with stone tiles.
  10. The first known use of carburisation and quenching of iron dates back to the eleventh and tenth centuries BC in Cyprus and Palestine.
  11. In the following table they are in order of abundance: Percentage Oxygen 46.6 Silicon 27.7 Aluminium 8.1 Iron 5.0 Calcium 3.6 Sodium 2.8 Potassium 2.6 Magnesium 2.1 Titanium 0.4 Phosphorus 0.2 Manganese 0.1 Hydrogen 0.1
  12. Archaeologists have found 28 skeletons, six iron spearheads, five iron shield bosses, 18 iron knives, 12 decorated bronze brooches some of which are gilded, six pairs of bronze wrist and clothes clasps, two spindle whorls -one ceramic and one of glass - one bone comb, two pots and 90 beads.
  13. In 1155 Barbarossa was crowned with the famous Iron Crown of Lombardy, said to have been made from a nail of the True Cross.

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