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Перевод слова

Перевод: hurt speek hurt

раненый; пострадавший; оскорбленный; поврежденный;
вред ; ущерб ; повреждение; рана ; боль ; обида ;
причинять боль; болеть; ныть; повредить; ушибить; расшибать; причинять вред; причинять ущерб; делать больно; задевать; обижать; уязвлять


  1. "They'll hurt me if I tell you"
  2. In her case, perhaps, it was not so much leaving a group that hurt as leaving a stage.
  3. SIXTEEN police officers were hurt, including seven sprayed with CS gas, and 51 people were arrested at an acid house party, police said yesterday.
  4. At first it wasn't too bad but soon his finger was prodding right inside her and that hurt, a sharp, squeaky sort of pain like someone drawing a fingernail across a sheet of plastic.
  5. But to see her like that would hurt my feelings and hurt our Izzat (pride)."
  6. He pushed his bicycle up the hill from Wheatley station in the company of another new student who had a strangely similar background: of nonconformist origins, with his father an official of a nonconformist Church; a young man who postponed his own confirmation into the Church of England because his parents might be hurt; and who swung at the university from his very Protestant background into a sense of the devotional stature in Anglo-Catholicism, and into convictions which never left him for the rest of his life; a graduate of Balliol College, by name Austin Farrer.
  7. Therefore it is easy to assume that this must be a deliberate, callous attempt to inflict hurt.
  8. He could see a hurt, misunderstood look spreading across Karen's face.
  9. It didn't really hurt as long as she didn't get his face.
  10. "He was going to hurt Leila."
  11. Professor Andrew Greeley extended this by drawing attention to the special sensitivity of the sufferers, by which they are easily hurt, which he found often resulted from an unhappy childhood.
  12. Across the emptying room another hurt mind had been at the same moment of time glanced by unwanted evocations of shabby Forest sheep nudging together in a brick shelter on a high road through the trees.
  13. When she had aimed the bottle at Gazzer's head, years of pent-up hurt and frustration had spilled over into violence: violence which she had previously directed against herself or had lived through only in her mind.

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