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Перевод слова

Перевод: grave speek grave

серьезный; нешуточный; веский; тяжелый; опасный; угрожающий; мрачный; печальный; темный; степенный; важный; влиятельный; авторитетный; низкий;
могила ; смерть ; тупое ударение;
гравировать; высекать; вырезывать; запечатлевать; чистить днище


  1. For Christians, it is a grave mistake to confuse God with our inner desires, even if God placed them there in the first place.
  2. "Aah'll not wrap up 'ow grave it is," he said heavily.
  3. Elspeth was fair-haired, almost blonde, Rebecca was dark but there was something about the eyes they had in common, yet where Elspeth was grave and silent most of the time, Rebecca, or Becky as she was usually called, was lively and voluble.
  4. He came down to Highbury on crutches, so grave was the extent of his injury.
  5. Once your pet has died you may be too distressed to dig the grave, as another owner testified; "It was raining hard and I couldn't see through my tears, I just wanted to get her buried as quickly as possible."
  6. A window and a section of wall had to be removed to take out the body and twenty men were needed to lower the coffin into his grave in St. Martin's Churchyard, where his tombstone states "in personal greatness he had no competitor".
  7. A headstone was erected by local admirers and many years later, when Cumnock required a new burial ground, the intended disgrace was completely reversed by the people of the town deciding to have the ground around and including the minister's grave consecrated as their new cemetery.
  8. Ninety per cent of farms are seven hectares or less and 54 per cent are plots of less than 1.4 hectares, described by one writer as "the size of a grave".
  9. Should any fellow be passing by, he must refuse their invitation or else they will dance him to a watery grave.
  10. A headstone of Thatcherite granite stands over the ministerial grave of that consensual Tory, Francis Pym - in real life, still happily with us in the House of Lords.
  11. It also allowed him to include a wide range of "non-sacred" ideas and images which colour our lives from the cradle to the grave, not least those of loving and sexuality.
  12. There was the sound of wood splitting and tearing, followed by a choking gasp from the open grave.
  13. IN THE SAME WEEK: Sir Alf Ramsey's England footballers, World Cup winners nine months earlier, were beaten 3-;2 by Scotland at Wembley, prompting "hordes of tartan-clad Scots to pour over Wembley's barriers to dance on England's grave, kiss the centre spot and dig up pieces of turf as souvenirs."

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