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Перевод слова

Перевод: grasp speek grasp

сжатие; крепкое сжатие; контроль ; хватка ; власть ; понимание; схватывание; рукоятка ; шейка приклада;
схватывать; захватывать; зажимать; хвататься; охватить; постичь; усвоить; осознать; осмыслять; понять; сообразить


  1. If you grasp his erect organ and twist it violently to one side, you can cause an extremely painful fracture of one or more of these cylinders.
  2. (Well, you try explaining the finer points of haircutting to a Russian whose grasp of English, while good, is far from perfect.)
  3. V. G. Kiernan's recent book on the history of duelling - the work of a historian who is able to grasp, as many historians now are not, that the literature of the past is evidence of the past - discusses Lermontov's real and imaginary duels.
  4. Central Park looms to the south with its jewelled fringe of MidTown skyline, but it seems like a mirage beyond the grasp of Welfare City.
  5. Leonard has admitted to a certain indifference to these studies, particularly his grasp of Hebrew with its strange characters and back-to-front writing (with which he grew up).
  6. This will certainly be the case if the people concerned at the local level take this view, failing to grasp the strategic role that they have always claimed but often failed to deliver convincingly because of time spent on day-to-day operational matters.
  7. It is the mainly office-trained technicians who acquire a thorough grasp of construction, office procedures and job running far more quickly than their architect counterparts.
  8. It's an easy platitude, a constant appeal: "excellent grasp of the song structure", "well-crafted", "wry", "observant lyrics".
  9. When needed, he displays a fine and intimate grasp of the Hebrew scriptures, and its rhythms and images (not least its parallelism - a form of free verse - the versets of the Bible) suffuses his work.
  10. Then she seemed to grasp what they were saying.
  11. On the other hand, the student with previous medical training might grasp the rationale of these conditions, but he could not recognise them, and might well soon find his task a dirty drudgery.
  12. What is so sad is that through all the tinsel shines a reality, but we cannot seem to grasp it.
  13. She had strong hands, and the pressure she put into her grasp felt as if she was about to throw him over her shoulder or come out with some menacingly appropriate comment.

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