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Перевод: grade speek grade

степень ; звание; ранг ; качество; сорт ; класс ; оценка ; отметка ; новая, улучшенная скрещиванием порода; уклон ; градиент ; градус ; уровень ;
располагать по степеням; располагать по рангу; сортировать; ставить оценку; постепенно меняться; постепенно переходить; улучшать породу скрещиванием; нивелировать


  1. We met grade 4 and 5 rapids - grade 6 is the top grade and considered unrunnable.
  2. Gillingham marina offers top grade facilities without the South Coast price tag.
  3. Normally a GCE "O" level or GCSE pass in Mathematics at grade C or above is required; also French, or German or Spanish at "A" or AS level (or equivalent).
  4. Increasingly candidates thought able enough were entered for O and even A levels (and rightly, because there was at first no other examination for them to take) and when the CSE examination was introduced for those thought not to be up to O level, the top grade of CSE was soon deemed to count as an O level, and thus itself to aspire to the academic.
  5. Even for those who reach the last year of secondary school, only about 50 per cent pass the matriculation exam, and only a handful achieve the higher grade of "matric exemption" which is required for university entrance.
  6. Although the content of some of the jobs in question had altered considerably, the degree of that alteration was not sufficient to fall outside the original description of the proper function of the grade concerned.
  7. Use a grade suitable for the material you'll be cutting, then even light pressure will hold most materials firmly.
  8. Rogers is now established as a United first-teamer, and Bassett said of 20-year-old Scott: "He also has the potential to make the grade."
  9. Starting and finishing at the same belay points, this gives pitch more in keeping with the overall HVS grade of the route - many feel that the original and serious second pitch should elevate the route to E1.
  10. It was always our dream to have a stallion who is an Advanced eventer, which he practically is, an Advanced dressage horse and a Grade "A" show jumper to provide all-round performance progeny ."
  11. Only 77 per cent of children enrolled in the first grade (Standard Sub-A- SSA) in 1985 survived into the second year (Standard Sub-B - SSB), little better than the 74 per cent of 1966.
  12. Perhaps only one librarian will be on an academic-related grade, but more importantly this librarian (often designated as a tutor-librarian) will have a job specification which includes a teaching function as well as a library administration function; and the teaching function will imply teaching academic course subjects as well as library instruction.
  13. As yet undecided in which direction she wishes to make her future career, Emma is now studying for her Grade VIII piano exam - the highest level in the series.

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