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Перевод слова

Перевод: get speek get

приплод ; потомство; дурак ; идиот ;
доставать; добывать; раздобыть; доставлять; приносить; добиваться; добиться; получать; зарабатывать; понимать; постигать; прочитать; заразиться; схватить; угодить; подвергаться; вычислять; устанавливать; связываться; устанавливать связь; съедать; добраться; стать; достигать; прибыть; добрести; попасть; устраиваться; заставлять; убеждать; сесть; иметь; владеть; обладать; брать; покупать; приобретать; снискать; отхватывать; быть должным; быть обязанным; становиться; раздражать; надоедать; производить; порождать; ставить в тупик


  1. I'll get you one.
  2. John himself was in no hurry to get married, he still lived with his mother in a small working man's house in Moss Side and enjoyed a good social life.
  3. However, it can get more complicated when you're shaping a neck.
  4. When we get home Penny goes to check on Heather and if she's asleep, lies down quietly by the cot and waits for her to wake up so she can come and tell us.
  5. When we get into a panic (often through stress, fear or anxiety), our breathing become rapid and shallow.
  6. In fact, Gloucester were lucky to get away with that as Tim Smith only slotted the equalising penalty in the last minute.
  7. "At home you can never get the gravy like they do here," confides one elderly woman.
  8. Get the right size, clip them on as tight as possible, stand up and you feel you can hardly walk, let along balance and control a pair of skis.
  9. Then you were given so much time to get back home again.
  10. Very hard to get the evidence of frequenting.
  11. We get a flavour of this pitch - and those times - from an account of a subsequent ascent by Professor Norman Collie:
  12. Her hair was difficult to get right; there were hairpins and little nets, but I managed somehow, and downstairs we went.
  13. Damned, Ramones - I always get into things too late!"

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