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Перевод слова

Перевод: frighten speek frighten

пугать; перепугать; страшить; стращать; тревожить


  1. More bodies of street children - over 200 so far this year - are found in a stagnant ditch in a place called Nove Gerusaleme; killed by extermination squads paid by city businesses that believe they frighten away the tourists.
  2. Care has to be taken not to frighten the fish when first approaching and when the fish are accustomed to you and the camera, they generally take no notice of the flash.
  3. And I sometimes use the gun to frighten dogs away from the hens."
  4. With the bridge humbucker on full and the boost up all the way, the Legend emits the kind of sounds that would frighten children and small animals.
  5. The BMA were criticized for their intransigence and the pharmaceutical industry's advertising was criticized for seeking to frighten patients.
  6. It will frighten, scratch and force the rabbit to run.
  7. "Doesn't that frighten you?"
  8. "You'd frighten too many people with them off."
  9. This time he would do it himself, without Margaret, without any of her pet goons who could be guaranteed to get it wrong - to maim when they were meant to frighten, to kill when they were meant to maim.
  10. I knew I needed some place to go inside myself - frighten people off - so I shoved three tapes and my Walkman in the middle of the bag beside the big fat envelope where I'd squeezed all my dreams.
  11. The armed robber might say that he had no intention of using the firearm, that he carried it with him simply to frighten the victim, and that it went off accidentally: if the jury believes that, should he be convicted of murder?
  12. We do not wish to commit Spain to entering the war merely in order to frighten England into a peace from which nothing but the independence of the Americans would be obtained
  13. The question is: granted that D's purpose was to frighten, did he nonetheless realize that it was practically certain that his act would cause death or grievous bodily harm to someone?

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