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Перевод слова

Перевод: floor speek floor

пол ; настил ; перекрытие; дно моря; земля ; гумно; флот ; киностудия ; производство фильма; этаж ; междуэтажное перекрытие; ярус ; минимальный уровень; места для членов законодательного собрания; право выступать на собрании;
настилать пол; повалить на пол; сбить с ног; одолеть; справиться; сразить; смутить; ставить в тупик; заставить замолчать; посадить на место; расстилать по полу


  1. He had squeezed himself back into the side-car with his long legs stretched flat along the floor of the rectangular alloy box.
  2. Like the twelfth floor, glimpsed through the lift doors when the girls had got out, the walls were covered with a pale lemon wash, unlike the twelfth they were hung with pictures, not Old Masters but not Boots the chemists either - prints of hunting scenes and ships and a beautiful soft sunset over a bay that might have been St Ives - pictures deemed suitable for the Executive floor of a great international company.
  3. Sometimes people lost their footing and brought down others, quickly making a writhing heap on the floor.
  4. Here and there the open doors of furnaces glowed a dangerous red, and in the far corner of the building what looked like a stream of molten lava trickled down a curved channel from roof to floor.
  5. Instead, stretch, curl up and slowly reach sitting position by pressing the palm of your hands on the floor, keeping your chin down, touching your throat.
  6. It was given a hull-shaped upper floor by Bonifac Wohlmut between 1557 and 1563.
  7. (At one conference delegates were told to talk at the floor because Special Branch had hi-tech microphones trained on the windows to catch the sound-waves.)
  8. Perhaps the floor will smoulder, that is all."
  9. Minimum floor space is about 15 000 square metres (about the size of a small football pitch) and the store may have as many as 40-;50 checkout points.
  10. In competition with these commercial outlets, the Moose Jaw Amateur Radio Association operated a station, with the call letters 1OAB, from a third floor back room.
  11. MR BACON strides across the lino'd floor to the front door.
  12. Solid floor installations will need lifting off the lump of sharp-sand bedding-mortar, which should be completely removed, and the new installation provided with a fresh mix.
  13. In some places the eight-foot line runs along halfway up a hill, and if a valley floor is narrow, it can significantly double the supposed area of benefit.

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