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Перевод слова

Перевод: flatter speek flatter

рихтовальный молот;
льстить; польстить; обольщать (надеждой); преувеличивать достоинства; быть приятным; ласкать; приукрашивать


  1. The Ferguson 41H3 portable colour TV is a small, compact television with a wide range of top class features 41cm (15in) Flatter Squarer Tube with fashionable glass faceplate.
  2. How I longed for this, inspired by the word "flatter."
  3. Instead of trying to break up the real shape of the animal, it attempts to make it appear flatter than it is.
  4. "Full many a glorious morning," quoted Wexford to Clytemnestra, "have I seen, flatter the mountain tops with sovereign eye."
  5. Further east, Arctic Sweden is flatter and less inspiring, although the Muddus National Park between Jokkmokk and Malmberget has fine forest and marshland.
  6. It was inconceivable that she could take from Mrs Barnet anything that was rightly hers, nor did Ruth flatter herself that Joss Barnet's interest in her was anything but transient.
  7. The back bends could be more versatile if they had flatter carvers, with more radius in the stem.
  8. I'm perfectly happy to plead a two-year-old's birthday and then wiggle, flatter and schmooze to get myself off the hook.
  9. But you must flatter, if you mean to rise
  10. Instead he had chosen to flatter.
  11. This extra control permits a flatter display.
  12. Fig 37 Low tide is always better for learning as the water is much flatter and any waves have little power.
  13. There are several blind tee shots, many fairways bend at driving length and at 6,241 yards, par 69, its wide fairways flatter to deceive.

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