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Перевод слова

Перевод: flash speek flash

вспышка ; яркий свет; мгновение; проблеск ; блеск ; сверкание; неожиданное проявление; очень короткий отрезок времени; показной блеск; бахвал ; внешний блеск; воровской жаргон; арго; короткая телеграмма в газету; короткий кадр;
вспыхивать; вспыхнуть; замелькать; давать отблески; сверкать; сверкнуть; быстро промелькнуть; пронестись; блеснуть; мелькнуть; прийти в голову; осенить; передавать по телеграфу; передать; выставлять напоказ; бахвалиться; красоваться; отражать; непристойно выставлять себя напоказ


  1. A smile can charm and delude us so that we accept even lies and insults - providing that they are accompanied by the expected flash of teeth at the same time!
  2. His own dad, Jason Robards, juggles with favourite younger son, ever-feckless Tom Hulce, divorcee Dianne Wiest's fruity teenage offspring barely communicates with her except to hurl insults about vibrators, and Rick Moranis's toddler is force-fed a flash card education in Kafka and karate
  3. Just waiting for the flash line to ring, not even knowing whether the kidnappers would have heard the radio show at all, or how they would react if they had, made Sam nauseous from stress.
  4. The sea was etched as if in some surrealistic, two dimensional painting, a restless scene caught in an endless camera flash that pushed back the night.
  5. While the band were recording the single, Gedge either had a flash of sheer inspiration or hit upon an elaborate chat-up method.
  6. Camera with flash attachment
  7. "I think if Kylie Minogue has been a flash in the pan she would have lasted for a couple of singles.
  8. A bag of popcorn and a seat at the edge of the circle could attract more attention down below than Flash Gordon .
  9. Design: compact, lightweight cameral with built-in flash unit and a 34mm lens Features: The C625AF camera has five flash modes with two these modes designed to reduce the red eye effect.
  10. At that moment the blue flash of an estate car passes my field of vision.
  11. The scientists would tell them it actually lasted for three milli-seconds, but the human retina retains such a flash for some seconds afterwards.
  12. The instrument is also able to measure all types of bio- and chemiluminescence, and can accommodate both flash and glow types of luminescence measurements.
  13. That's a flash little powerpack you made there, Tammuz.

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