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Перевод: fit speek fit

годный; подходящий; соответствующий; достойный; подобающий; способный; приспособленный; готовый; здоровый; сильный; в хорошей форме; в хорошем состоянии;
пригонка ; посадка ; припадок ; приступ ; пароксизм ; судороги ; конвульсии ; истерия ; порыв ; вспышка ; каприз ; настроение; прилегаемость ;
соответствовать; годиться; подходить; быть впору; приходиться; сидеть; совпадать; точно соответствовать; приспосабливать; прилаживать; пригонять; приспосабливаться; прилаживаться; снабжать; оборудовать; устанавливать; монтировать


  1. Most appreciated this and said that, provided the timing and subject of the course were right, they could fit in a 6 hour course.
  2. I've always owned apartments because I was born in a tenement in Glasgow and I like flat-life., If he has one regret it is that government never saw fit to offer him another major job as challenging as his chairmanship of British Steel when he gave it up in 1976.
  3. If you are thinking of having one of the larger, shaped baths, make sure it will fit through your bathroom door!
  4. One of the most important stages has yet to be started, namely beginning to fit the person into their new job.
  5. "The only car apart from a Rolls-Royce that he could fit into was an extra large Range Rover," says the driver, who also tells hair-raising tales of ferrying Maxwell about town.
  6. The major task involved was to re-design the transmissions to fit the small space alongside the engine.
  7. Although the usual coefficient of determination or scaled deviance can be used to indicate the global fit of any specified model, it is also important to examine model performance when estimating populations over areal units other than the wards from which the models were derived.
  8. Concluding, Mr Kinnock looked beyond the conference: "It is an encouragement, an inspiration to see this party working together, coming to a joint position on objectives, and of not only telling itself, but exuding to the British public the feeling that we are fit to serve our country."
  9. We haven't got to fit in with theirs.
  10. Having a wardrobe of fragrances is as exciting as owning a vast array of stylish clothes (with the advantage, after you've made your initial choice, that perfumes always fit).
  11. The practical answer is to fit a U.V. steriliser, an 8W model being sufficient.
  12. He said, "Are you fit enough to ride Fringe?"
  13. Scion and rootstock must make a perfect fit

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