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Перевод слова

Перевод: fire speek fire

огонь ; пламя; топка ; печь ; камин ; пожар ; жар ; лихорадка ; пыл ; воодушевление; стрельба ; вдохновение; обстрел ; свечение;
зажигать; разжигать; поджигать; палить; воспламенять; воспламеняться; воодушевлять; загораться; стрелять; выстрелить; вести огонь; топить; засыпать; увольнять; уволить


  1. The bellows were operated by a handle that had to be turned slowly and regularly to ensure a good even fire.
  2. Jess looked round the big kitchen; at the dresser full of blue and white china; the copper kettle hanging steaming over the fire; the tubs and jugs and iron pans; the rough whitewashed walls and the big sash window looking out on to a rising kitchen garden.
  3. While I made sure the fire was safe she drank a sort of gruel which her home help had left for her in a Thermos.
  4. Very quickly jump back over the fire and go to the top of the screen.
  5. In the yard at the back, a slow burning bon fire added to the pong which could not have been good for those living nearby.
  6. I tore the letter in two and threw the pieces into the fire.
  7. The great Dust Bowl which Maggie has seen only from the air, was once the long flank, the turning of the armpit of a dragon greater than Fenna, the great dragon laid out across the world its tail cooled by the oceans of the Antarctic and its breath, no longer fire, turned to ice around its head in the most northerly places of the globe.
  8. The low rumble of artillery fire could be heard from this nearby Thai border town.
  9. Even at night, she supposed, they had tasks to perform - making up the fire, taking up water ready for the morning ablutions
  10. Granny had a cheerful fire burning in the hearth, and she made Mary take her uniform off and put it to dry while she had lemonade and biscuits.
  11. Obediently Victoria stepped into the warmth of the fire and delicious aura of scent which the woman emanated.
  12. But most of the night he sat in silence, gazing abstractedly into the fire.
  13. We didn't even have liquid or powders then, just Sunlight soap, which Mother cut into pieces and dissolved in a large iron pan on the fire.

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