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Перевод: favor speek favor

благосклонность ; расположение; фавор ; покровительство; одобрение; интерес ; любезность ; одолжение; пристрастие; бант ; розетка ; значок ; сувенир ; помощь ; письмо; внешность ; лицо; польза ;
благоволить; быть благосклонным; относиться благосклонно; оказывать внимание; оказывать любезность; делать одолжение; оказывать предпочтение; быть пристрастным; подсуживать; благоприятствовать; помогать; поддерживать; покровительствовать; протежировать; оберегать; беречь; щадить; быть похожим


  1. Factors determining the strength of organized worker resistance are complex, but large industrial plants with many similar boring tasks, such as automobile factories, seem to favor the building of strong labor organizations.
  2. No comprame, seor, por favor.
  3. Indeed, one of Wilkins's arguments in favor of the Copernican system had been that the alternative - imputing a daily rotation to the heavens - would be to argue "improvidence in nature."
  4. His vehement denial that God's favor could be earned through the sacraments, or bought by donations to an often grasping priesthood, had set up vibrations through Christendom, eventually winning him the protection of lay powers having a vested interest in a deflation of the papacy.
  5. There is, however, one that has found favor among many commentators.
  6. On 10 May 1794, Huntingford wrote to the Speaker of the House of Commons (who had himself been elected a vice-president of the College) as follows: "Honble Sir, I should not have taken the liberty of troubling you on the subject of the Veterinary College did not the recent business of Wm Stone who stands charged with High Treason prove the cause of his exerting himself to my prejudice in favor of M Vial the late Professor, to be that he might establish a French Connection in that Institution in order that he might through the channel carry on his correspondence with the enemy.
  7. However, the argument between the two schools of thought was not finally settled in favor of the atomists until the early years of this century.
  8. The salary of the post to which the unlucky Mr Achterlonie aspired was a mere twenty pounds per annum, but Montrose did not disdain it, conscious that "triffling as such a post is it may effectuallie oblidge some body who may be reddie to repay such a favor upon ane other occasion".
  9. The answer, of course, was that the motion of the earth was not a common matter - that it required considerable proficiency in mathematics to appreciate the arguments in its favor.
  10. ARCWELDER: "Favor"
  11. This policy found little favor with the Pentagon which has said that maintaining these bases, for at least another 20 years, is a central priority in a new military doctrine, publicized under the title "Discriminate Deterrence".
  12. I repeat and he catches on with a flowery "Por favor" and a heartfelt "Gracias."
  13. Many of them have directed their writings to a popular audience, and as Ferguson says, "in doing so, have often sacrificed standards of logic and evidence in favor of the pithy illustration or memorable quote"; and he continues "Wilson 1978: 99 raises the favorite question of college seminars and cocktail party conversations which is, "are human beings innately aggressive?"

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