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Перевод слова

Перевод: fair speek fair

честный; справедливый; беспристрастный; законный; порядочный; вежливый; учтивый; неплохой; удовлетворительный; посредственный; средний; белокурый; светлый; русый; чистый; незапятнанный; беловой; ясный; благоприятный (о погоде); красивый; прекрасный; значительный;
честно; прямо; точно; чисто; ясно; учтиво; любезно;
ярмарка ; благотворительный базар; базар ; выставка ; красавица ; прекрасный пол


  1. But, pledging his department's commitment for consumer rights, fair descriptions and competitive pricing for all, he said directors were well-placed to help shape policy "by becoming consumer whistle-blowers".
  2. A fair amount of rough means accuracy off the tee is as important as the ability to keep it low.
  3. We came to an agreement; sketches of his boat seemed fair barter.
  4. The bank itself conceded in its "financial sector operations policy" published at the weekend, that "public offerings also require a fair degree of investor sophistication which may take some time to develop in some of the bank's countries of operation".
  5. At the Dissolution of the Monasteries, Nostell Priory was granted to Dr Leigh and the fair held by the canons at their church at Woodkirk, otherwise known as West Ardsley, became known as Lee Gap Fair.
  6. With the straits we get a fair amount of mail each year, most of which is easily categorized.
  7. Pollage, Package, Stallage, and Standage", but as the king's representative he had also to enforce the law and maintain the peace at the fair.
  8. How can they be so certain that their judgements are fair and just?
  9. In run-of-the-mill performances you often find yourself lamenting the absence of Lerner and Loewe's songs from My Fair Lady, but in this detailed, absorbing production, Shaw's verbal music is enough.
  10. Bright new bonnets on show at the fair: Brett Fraser says that, for once, the London Motorfair is the place to catch a glimpse of the latest ideas from the world's car makers
  11. To be fair, Suunto recommend that it is worn just above the wrist joint and it would be unlikely to move from that position.
  12. The Tourist Office have a weekly programme in high season offering something to do every day, such as Punch and Judy shows, guided walks through "Fairy Land", a fun fair, and special "kids only" rides on the Zillertalbahn Railway.
  13. Light minded At last, a (sort of) fair report on the travellers in England.

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