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Перевод слова

Перевод: extract speek extract

экстракт ; вытяжка ; выдержка ; извлечение;
извлекать; вытаскивать; вырывать; удалять; получать экстракт; выжимать; выделять; выбирать; делать выдержки; добывать (из недр земли); извлекать корень [мат.]; экстрагировать


  1. "The changes facing the industry with the ending of the variable premium in a few months time made buyers highly selective," said auctioneer Michael Walton who managed to extract an average 1000 for ram lambs against a 1990 figure of 1209.
  2. Since Pegasus was head of the Proculian school after Nerva, but Valens was later than both, we cannot extract from the evidence a pattern based on chronology; nor, since we find members of the same school on opposite sides, does it seem to be a matter of school dogma.
  3. The only way of doing this is to bring a supply of air to an internal lung, and there to extract from it as much oxygen as possible.
  4. That a person has done so in order to extract the monnaie.
  5. So many of you enjoy Dr. D's column (we have taken an extract from his latest book this month, page 176) that we photographed him at home with his new wife, TV presenter and novelist, Christine Webber, page 8.
  6. Rumours range from the truth through analysts' exaggerations to blatant lies whose purpose is to make a profit or extract a dealer from an awkward position.
  7. However, owner know-how will extract you from trouble.
  8. An extract from this programme has been preserved in the BBC Sound Archive.
  9. What the Government really could have done without were attempts by some of its backbenchers to actually extract some moral credit from this episode.
  10. 1 tsp pure vanilla extract.
  11. Fish-meal (with or without added synthetic NPK), dried seaweed, liquid seaweed extract (Maxicrop), guano, bone-meal, hoof and horn, dried blood, and shoddy may also be purchased, but are now costly.
  12. This latter tendency is exacerbated because many organisms have a natural ability to extract and concentrate minerals from their surroundings, even if these are present only in very low concentrations.
  13. Use questions such as "what else?, what more?, can you tell me more about that?" in order to extract more information.

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