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Перевод слова

Перевод: entertain speek entertain

принимать гостей; поддерживать; угощать; питать (надежду); лелеять; развлекать; потешать; увеселять; занимать; принимать во внимание; принимать; учитывать; обдумывать


  1. But then we might miss out on Dennis Carthy, the fellow who used to take to the Tube dressed in a bra, a blouse and fishnet stockings and entertain customers on the Bakerloo Line with tricks that involved a teddy bear, a pistol and a six-foot python.
  2. Through creative expression they aim to educate, inspire and entertain which is exactly why Daughters of Oshun chose For Coloured Girls as it shows positively how far Black women have come.
  3. Zambia, however, trying to compensate for whatever information they'd picked up about hir, offered to entertain Nathan for the afternoon so that Roirbak could begin work with Ari.
  4. A disappointed Mr Smith indicated that several of his players would get a breather when they entertain Grimsby on Saturday, to ensure fresh legs for the semi-final replay at Villa Park on Monday.
  5. After the war he favoured stronger support for the South Koreans and a more interventionist policy with regard to China than President Truman would entertain, retiring in 1951 and going into business and right wing Republican politics.
  6. It may be used, for example, to persuade; to explain; to instruct; to entertain; to narrate; to speculate; to argue a case; to report; to describe; to find out; to clarify or explore an issue; to solve a problem; to interpret; to summarise; to evaluate; to reflect; to announce; to criticise and to respond to criticism.
  7. It was Robinson, an alderman of the city of York, who built the present Hall, as a home and, more importantly, as a place to entertain his fellow aldermen in style.
  8. Far to mind the inside of a book, is to entertain one's self with the products of another man's brain.
  9. Rehearsing Kurt Weill's Street Scene, I am in daily contact with a composer who was not embarrassed to entertain, nor to adapt his vision to the audience.
  10. In the days of the Weimar Republic, artists, writers, cabaret entertainers, and gypsies would meet in the woods and entertain each other and the day-trippers.
  11. Leaving aside our personal addiction, we have acknowledged (as parents) the convenience it represents as an electronic nanny; also the entertainment it provides (leaving precious time for parents to do chores and entertain themselves).
  12. Meanwhile, with some help from Moxie, (the "daily" who sometimes "helped out" was still afraid of infection) Franca continued to run the house, to shop, to clean, to organise, to feed a sick man, to feed her husband, and entertain, as necessary, Alison, Irina, Gildas, Ludens, the doctor, Jerry, Sidney, Barry, Ned, and one or two of Jack's painter friends who, now that Pat was recovering, had decided to come round for drinks.
  13. Music serves to identify and unify members of the group, as well as to entertain.

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