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Перевод слова

Перевод: enjoy speek enjoy

получать удовольствие; наслаждаться; пользоваться; обладать


  1. Students at the Belfast campus have the opportunity to enjoy the many social and recreational facilities available in the capital of Northern Ireland.
  2. It perhaps reveals Gedge's ever-growing confidence that he could see beyond the macho nonsense and enjoy himself.
  3. Why not swim, dance, walk in the country or go rowing, canoeing or hill climbing, or anything else that you enjoy doing, as long as you use your body efficiently.
  4. Once a week guest can enjoy a traditional Tyrolean buffet.
  5. But if you ignore the commemorative debris and assortment of international litter you Drill enjoy the most exhilarating views that can include over 100 Munros when visibility is good.
  6. In a two-year deal, believed to be worth more than 1 million, they will enjoy, if that is the right word, exclusive live coverage of the Benson and Hedges Cup as well as a highlights package including all England's home Tests, one-day internationals and the NatWest competition.
  7. Of these, women and older people were more likely to enjoy looking at photographs of the Royal family.
  8. I don't enjoy getting from point A to point B. The last place I want to go to is an airport.
  9. But this day is something I've dreamed of since I was a kid and I just want to enjoy it.
  10. He was duly commissioned, despite his total lack of training or aptitude, on 12 June 1759 and, after his unit had been called out in 1760, served in various parts of the country, though he soon regretted his patriotic impulse and did not enjoy what he called "my bloodless and inglorious campaigns".
  11. Basically that it's there to be enjoyed and that it is only when you enjoy it that you play at your best - I always enjoy my cricket.
  12. There is a children's play area and 13 acres of riverside, meadow and woodland walks to enjoy.
  13. This ritual restored to the mummy all his faculties so that he might enjoy the afterlife to the full.

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