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Перевод слова

Перевод: deny speek deny

отрицать; отвергать; отказывать; отпираться; отказываться; отнекиваться; отрекаться; отступаться; брать назад; не допускать; отказывать в приеме


  1. Nobody will deny that the Commission has an overwhelmingly Franco-German flavour, and this is already reflected in its economic priorities.
  2. Both boys had been taken prisoner and tortured (according to Dr Caskie, who told the story in his book The Tartan Pimpernel) "until the blood came out of their ears"; but they managed convincingly to deny their activities, and eventually they were released.
  3. They learned also that they had privilege to complement their responsibilities, and they learned to deny that privilege absolutely.
  4. This is not to say that the overshadowing mechanism is not operating here or to deny that such a mechanism may be responsible in other cases for observed acquired distinctiveness effects.
  5. Moore refused to confirm or deny whether it was true.
  6. "Outside, but shadowing the Deutschmark, we deny ourselves the support of the system at times of currency fluctuation."
  7. virtually no-one in Nottinghamshire would deny that the creation of the CMHTs galvanized the social services department into further action;
  8. Grown-up critics manage to deny its appeal (probably the very same priapic excitement they derived from rock in their unreconstructed youth) because it seems to be at odds with their sexual politics.
  9. The police deny its agents were present.
  10. The presumption behind such arguments is that theists wish their statements about God to be propositions that it would be impossible to deny.
  11. Oh, I don't deny that it was all great fun striving to get to the top," she went on, "but we've done it, haven't we?
  12. Senior officers applaud a world of "real work", to which they can never return, and implicitly deny the world of managerial power to which they now belong.
  13. Naturally, I felt the temptation to deny immediately and unambiguously such motivations as my employer was imputing to me, but saw in time that to do so would be to rise to Mr Farraday's bait, and the situation would only become increasingly embarrassing.

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