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Перевод слова

Перевод: deal speek deal

сосновый; еловый; из древесины мягких пород;
некоторое количество; часть ; большое количество; сдача карт; сделка ; дело; обхождение; обращение; соглашение; правительственный курс; система мероприятий; сосновая доска определенного размера; еловая доска определенного размера; хвойная древесина;
распределять; раздавать; выдавать; сдавать карты; наносить; причинять; бороться; торговать; вести торговые дела; быть клиентом; покупать в определенной лавке; иметь дело; вести дело; ведать; рассматривать вопрос; общаться; обходиться; поступать; принимать меры


  1. Maxwell added: "Before we can talk in terms of shares we must ascertain whether the Inland Revenue aim to deal with Mr Flashman as an individual or if Barnet FC is also liable."
  2. By the end of the programme Gary was much happier, showing much more pro-social behaviour and getting on a good deal better with his parents.
  3. The deal, including live coverage of the three Tests, will continue into England's South Africa tour in 1994.
  4. she owes a great deal, not only to her natural gifts, but to your tuition.
  5. Coping with hearing loss takes a great deal of energy.
  6. The lower slopes glowed with sunshine on old bracken, the upper slopes glittered with sunshine on new snow and, in between, there was and is a great deal of heather, which makes the group appear dark and glowering from many viewpoints.
  7. This kind of police misbehaviour encourages many Brazilians to believe that the only way they can deal with crime is to fight fire, so to speak, with fire.
  8. A great deal of discussion will be generated and it's certain that the bulk of the attributes will focus on relationships rather than on curriculum or administrative matters.
  9. Especially since we're going to have to stick up their taxes to deal with that confounded public-borrowing requirement which Norman Lamont ran up to bribe them to vote for us last time."
  10. The tension between the two absorbs a good deal of the aggression that is felt about a whole range of social experiences.
  11. Now the SFA move may put in jeopardy the mega-cash deal between England's Premier League and BSkyB.
  12. If the deal goes through, Dr Brian Smith will step down as chairman of MB Group to make way for Murray Stuart, currently group chief executive.
  13. It was known that the financial controls within the industry left a good deal to be desired, but when the new Minister of Fuel and Power, Aubrey Jones, tried to tighten up in 1956 (even beginning the publication of annual investment targets in a bid to increase the Boards' commitment to them), he found it was not easy to impose such discipline when his target was fixed unreasonably low, as the Boards assured him it was.

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