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Перевод слова

Перевод: cream speek cream

кремовый; кремового цвета;
сливки ; крем ; торт с кремом; пена ; самое лучшее; что-либо отборное; цвет ; кремовый цвет;
снимать сливки; прибавлять сливки; добавлять сливки; сбивать; смешивать; пениться; отстаиваться


  1. Keep some hand cream near the kitchen sink as well as the bathroom basin, so that a dab is put on whenever hands have been in water.
  2. We got used to having it with cream on the top, it was so thick.
  3. Now pour in the cream and stir well.
  4. Now beat the yolks with the sugar and re-heat cream, adding two tbsp of hot cream to the yolk mixture.
  5. Today's pop, be it Moyet, Curiosity, even Phil Collins or Tina turner, reads as a continued act of contrition for past pop mischief - how could Clare Grogan eat ice cream when, as we all know, Billie Holiday spent nine months in a state asylum?
  6. Cream sweatshirt, Jonathon's own.
  7. These will certainly be needed to clear the bowel of candida, but it is also necessary to treat the vagina with fungicidal pessaries, and the intervening skin with cream or ointment if there is to be any chance of success.
  8. All three are quite similar with a pastel range of pink and purple flowers as well as white and cream.
  9. Those persistent but slightly fattening habits which are the key to your weight problem could be: having "densely packed" calories at meals (that means having a lot of fat, either visible such as butter on your bread or invisible like butter in a cake); snacking in between meals, especially if those snacks include cream, alcohol and sugar; and not expending energy with exercise to use up the calories.
  10. Whole milk and cream, full-fat yoghurt.
  11. Tip the fruits into a sieve (save the juices that drain from them to whip with thick cream to serve with the Bakewell) and mix them with the flaked almonds.
  12. 250ml/8fl oz/1 cup milk 6 peppercorns 1 blade mace small piece celery small piece carrot small piece onion 25g/1oz butter 25g/1oz flour salt and white pepper to taste 175g/6oz Parma ham slices 450g/1lb smoked trout, flaked 250ml/10fl oz/1 cups double or thick cream 3 15ml/tbsp boiling water 1 heaped 15ml/tbsp gelatine (1 sachet) 2 egg whites 1 ripe melon, balled toast fingers or Melba toasts to serve
  13. There would be washstand-basin bowls of strawberries, and jugs and jugs of cream.

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