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Перевод слова

Перевод: crack speek crack

великолепный; знаменитый; первоклассный;
треск ; щелканье; удар ; затрещина ; трещина ; раскол ; щель ; свищ ; расщелина ; расселина ; ломающийся голос; кто-либо замечательный; что-либо замечательное; острота ; шутка ; саркастическое замечание;
производить шум; производить выстрел; производить треск; трещать; щелкать; раскусывать; расщеплять; рассыхаться; трескаться; давать трещину; раскалывать; колоть; раскалываться; ломаться; крекировать; подвергать крекингу


  1. "This has set me up for the rest of the season and now I can have a real crack at the England squad," he said.
  2. Otley called at the crack of dawn, "Mrs Grindlewood-Gryke wants us to give her a hand."
  3. The position of the crack shows also that the head was cast upside-down.
  4. "She'd crack her face if she tried," thought Gazzer.
  5. John's crack juvenile troupe was still the Manchester Mites and their feuds with the local Girls still raged every spring when they emigrated to Blackpool to perform there.
  6. Surviving in this goldfish bowl of publicity would crack the strongest union.
  7. These are the children who sometimes crack at university level because they are facing challenge for the first time in their lives."
  8. Sensational media and police reports in 1989 seemed to suggest an increased use of "crack" among young people in parts of south London, Liverpool, and Birmingham - with attendant fears that this particularly dangerous substance might become widespread, as it was reported to be in parts of the United States.
  9. Police, accompanied by community leaders, made 12 arrests yesterday after a three-week undercover operation in Notting Hill, west London, following complaints about an increase in gangs supplying the cocaine-based drug crack.
  10. The radio keeps telling you that the eye of the hurricane is here or there, getting near anyway, and you try to figure whether to leave the windows open a crack or tape them and you remember that the highest point of Key West is only 16 feet above sea level, and how the great hurricane of 1936 caught a train half way up the Keys filled with refugees from Key West and drowned them all, and you can get nervous.
  11. In his days of better health he had been a crack sportsman, and even managed to play golf to a single figure handicap despite his lost leg.
  12. Before returning to the Cape, he had written "I have been idle so long that I doubt if I shall ever do a single grand battement in my life again - I crack when I move."
  13. "Don't sleep with her, my dear, will you, for though she would not melt, she would crack if she fell.

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