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Перевод слова

Перевод: cozy speek cozy

уютный; удобный; укромный;
стеганый чехол


  1. "But it's been a complicated situation; we've had to cancel or reschedule gigs with Cozy's band because of Brian's thing, and there was a further complication
  2. So, by my twentieth gig I was playing the Rainbow in Finsbury Park with Cozy, supporting Suzi Quatro, and was more than a bit nervous.
  3. "Then I went to the States to record and tour with another band and, when I returned, a bassist friend had left Cozy Powell's "Hammer" band when Cozy was charting regularly, and so I took over from him.
  4. Left, this page: Dublin radical Gavin Friday disapproves of Dublin's cozy retro rock community
  5. To break away, to London, a bedsit, a rather cozy bedsit, laughter and plonk, moaning in the staffroom, and laughter, and exhaustion, and nothing, nothing achieved, not for the kids, not by me.
  6. A few months ago Cozy put a solo album out, and a band together which I'm also part of, with a few gigs coming up in Germany now, and then more round Europe in January.
  7. The sentimental taste is cozy for the heroines born in the town.
  8. The late '80s saw Neil join Brit-based Japanese metallers Vow Wow, followed by Murray moving into the somewhat more credible Black Sabbath camp, alongside Sab mainman Tony Iommi, Cozy Powell on drums and vocalist Tony Martin.
  9. It's combining forces really; with Cozy's thing it would have been mostly instrumental, including Cozy's "Greatest Hits", but with Tony involved we can legitimately do some Sabbath songs which he co-wrote, as we effectively have three quarters of the line-up.
  10. After Neil's stint with Cozy Powell's band, he changed tack, adopting a more jazz-rock leaning with his next band, Colosseum II.
  11. "Yes, well luckily for me, Cozy Powell and Neil Murray are into it and we will go out in November and do some gigs.

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