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Перевод: counter speek counter

противоположный; обратный; встречный; противный;
в обратном направлении; обратно; напротив;
прилавок ; стойка ; фишка ; марка ; шашка ; счеты ; счетчик ; тахометр ; противовес ; загривок ; холка ; задник ; кормовой подзор; подзор (судна) ; восьмерка ; отражение удара; встречный удар, нанесенный одновременно с парированием удара;
противостоять; противиться; противоречить; парировать; нанести встречный удар


  1. I held on to the counter.
  2. Emil beckoned me towards the kitchen end, and I went up there into the small lobby with a serving counter, a space that made a needed gap between the hot glittering galley and the actual dining area.
  3. Given the long lead-time between ordering a nuclear plant and its commercial operation, the high cost of construction, the equally awful cost of eventually decommissioning it, the margin for safety, the time-consuming process of obtaining approval (the enquiry into all aspects of the British PWR Sizewell B took two-and-a-quarter years and cost 20 million) the commitment has to be strong and "strategic" enough - as in France - to counter the lack of resolve as the bills mount.
  4. Monetarists have attempted to counter this by arguing that any increase in spending by one group in the economy, with no accompanying increase in the money supply, will tend to raise interest rates and so "crowd out" spending by some other groups.
  5. For the WEA, Green, Elvin, and Jacques could not adequately counter the authenticity of these claims nor deny the earlier co-operation in developments in all three counties.
  6. Wing and leg it The security, with its metal detectors and baggage searches, would not have disgraced an El Al chicken counter.
  7. But then appeared the formal disciplinary devices of the institution to counter such improvisations.
  8. The goal deluge at St James's Park brought home the need to counter the effects of the new offside law which came into force that summer and which reduced from three to two the number of players required to be between an opposing attacker and goal when the ball was last played.
  9. Zambia was sitting against the counter, talking with Sindy.
  10. She was firmly planted back where she started - on the wet counter.
  11. "Because," Winnie said, very smartly, "of the way ye leap the counter."
  12. Unfortunately counter proposals are perceived as disagreements rather than as constructive ideas on possible courses of action.
  13. The Swindon Affair was a cesspit of intrigue and counter - intrigue involving several members of the board including the chairman Brian Hillier who was banned from involvement in football for six months.

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