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Перевод: convenient speek convenient

удобный; подходящий; пригодный


  1. Historically it has been convenient to explore them as an evolution from the works of Euclid.
  2. The particular decomposition (10.8), however, does not turn out to be particularly convenient in the construction of explicit solutions.
  3. When war broke out in 1939, the combination of a depressed agriculture at home and a convenient empire abroad had ensured that around 70 per cent of the nation's food was imported from overseas.
  4. The venue, Silksworth, near Sunderland, is as usual for this championship neither central nor convenient for the majority.
  5. Michael decided the name Johnny Boy Gomes had become a convenient shorthand, a symbol.
  6. The advantages of using microbes for the early stages of such studies were well known and their biochemistry provided a convenient starting point for several investigators, especially in America.
  7. And it is convenient in practice that he should be a member, since this obviates the frequent summoning of the Law Officers for advice on points of Law.
  8. The fact that the costs of this programme fall entirely on captive consumers is all too convenient.
  9. You may not be able to retire when it would be most convenient.
  10. The hamlet of Selside, on the road linking Ribblehead and Horton in Ribblesdale, is the nearest and most convenient starting point for the short walk to Alum Pot, half a mile away.
  11. This was partly because of the fantasies in which most of the parties in Lebanon found it convenient to indulge.
  12. Back in the scullery to the left of the lavatory door, coal was stored beneath a window; a convenient spot as it had walls on three sides, with loose boards which fitted into slots at either end forming the front.
  13. - British Rail issue a new timetable and you have a nasty suspicion that they have juggled it around so that they have deleted a few trains and cut out that convenient late night one, and you look for your old timetable to check but it has gone with the wind.

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