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Перевод слова

Перевод: constitute speek constitute

составлять; учреждать; основывать; образовывать; издавать; назначать; вводить в силу


  1. Ernst Young stress, as did Price Waterhouse, that "it should be recognised that our review did not constitute an audit and may not have revealed all material facts".
  2. The extension of the Fourth Company Law Directive, by 1 January 1993, to partnerships which constitute a common means of business organisation in Germany, for example, will further ease the situation.
  3. In the first year students take three units on the theory and practice of modern theatre (these units in effect constitute one production unit) supported by two other units on the tradition of the Illusory and the Non-Illusory Theatre.
  4. In scenario C, however (with coal prices almost identical in low and middle scenarios) oil savings constitute 16M out of the 96M tonnes.
  5. Frequently too, people who live in a particular geographic location combine together to form a pressure group if their neighbourhood has been earmarked by government for the siting of, for example, a new motorway or nuclear power station or the dumping of nuclear waste which is considered to constitute a substantial threat to their safety and health.
  6. It could be asked if Mary Leapor, Henry Jones, James Eyre Weeks, Joseph Lewis, and George Smith Green do not constitute a third wave since their first works appeared around 1750.
  7. As they constitute a significant drain on the camcorder's battery, they do reduce the shooting time per charge.
  8. Training officers constitute a significant and arguably essential resource if systematic, evaluated training is to be carried out.
  9. If for example women were turned down more often than men because their employment history was shorter, they were not in a skilled job, and they did not have a bank account, this would not constitute discrimination against women - as the conditions, only part of an overall scoring system, would not be absolute.
  10. We have argued in favour of retirement relief, as land is merely one of several business assets and as such does not have to be part of a disposal for that disposal to constitute a significant part of the business.
  11. It is impossible to regard the vast buildings and their dependencies which constitute a chief terminal station of a great line of railway without feelings of inexpressible astonishment at the magnitude of the capital and the boldness of the enterprise which are manifested in the operations of which they are the stage.
  12. Jean Piaget, in arguing that cognitive mechanisms constitute the actual organs of regulation during exchanges with the environment, emphasizes that the development of complexity arises through the assimilation of new functions on to older structures.
  13. He explicitly says they do not constitute "knowledge" but what he calls "belief" or "opinion".

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