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Перевод слова

Перевод: confident speek confident

уверенный; самоуверенный; самонадеянный;
наперсник ; задушевный друг


  1. Anthea Darnell walked into the library with an erect back and a confident gait, slim, elegant, and giving every appearance of being in command of herself.
  2. If management is clear and confident about its purpose and tasks, the climate for management development is favourable.
  3. Choose a perfume as confident and modern as your smartest suit.
  4. There was no sign of being unprepared in his typically confident singing, audible even at the end of Act One.
  5. Whether they eventually become brilliant scholars or not doesn't really matter; we will have played a significant part in creating a happy and confident individual - and what could be more important than that?
  6. However they do acknowledge that many children can be more confident and more assertive than others, but that this is due to them receiving unconditional love.
  7. The words are an echo of the great series of Scottish bonds of protection and service - maintenance and manrent - made from the mid fifteenth to the early seventeenth century by the nobles and the lairds; the only difference is that rather than being completely mutual, as these bonds were, the king had the confident assurance that his subjects would serve "exactly as he likes" - a confidence very far removed from the idea that Scottish kings were in any way at the mercy of their most powerful subjects.
  8. In the early post-war years, we were confident that our research and development establishments and armament firms could compete with and, on occasions, surpass in innovative ability the much larger but more cumbersome organizations in the US and USSR.
  9. A very confident group laughed and reminisced about their summers abroad.
  10. When neighbouring Aston Villa endured a similar run recently Ron Atkinson remained confident he had the players to end it.
  11. They must just be confident that it is.
  12. I started to fix the tongue and groove boarding, and with a few boards in place, felt confident enough to work on the roof.
  13. Rizzo's much favoured cheesecake delivers a 60 per cent reduction in the calorie count by replacing cream cheese with Ruby, and he is confident that specialist food manufacturers can improve further on what Staley has achieved.

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