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Перевод слова

Перевод: concern speek concern

отношение; касательство; беспокойство; забота ; огорчение; участие; интерес ; дело; фирма ; предприятие; концерн ; важность ; значение; вещь ;
касаться; коснуться; относиться; иметь отношение; беспокоиться; заботиться; интересовать; интересоваться; заниматься


  1. Whoever it is says you're still nosing about in business which doesn't concern you."
  2. Concern over hospitals
  3. The Elton Committee noted changing attitudes towards professional providers of services both generally and specifically with regard to education, and expressed concern lest the increasing willingness among parents in the United States to pursue legal actions against the disciplining of their children be mirrored in Britain.
  4. Middlemen, as Trisha Barnett of the pressure group Tourism Concern points out, are much less vulnerable.
  5. Throughout Van Der Meulen's long career, his primary concern was that of peaceful co-existence and co-operation in a region where a Muslim majority had to live in close proximity to large communities of Christians and pagans.
  6. The administrative receivership is in the hands of Touche Ross, who will continue to run the company as a going concern with a view to finding a new buyer from the majority shareholder, Bob Curry.
  7. Much of the concern is levelled at agency balance sheets which have been weakened by the sector's lust for acquisitions.
  8. If the Conservatives dismissed the British Union of Fascists without too much concern - and most could see no good political reasons for embracing the fascist faith - they could not dismiss the threat of European fascism so easily, and attempted to accommodate it instead.
  9. The extent to which this is an objection to Locke's actual views will depend, as in the case of the brave officer, on whether they concern what makes a person at one time the same as he is at another, or concern moral matters of praise and blame.
  10. The employer of wage labour, by contrast, did not need to have this concern with the welfare of his workers.
  11. Their total lack of concern for any spiritual growth, other than what pleases the senses of the body, exhibits what medieval writers described as Animal Man.
  12. AGE Concern
  13. Nahum got up at once and went to her side, his concern tinged with ever-present hope.

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