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Перевод: commitment speek commitment

обязательство; вручение; передача ; передача законопроекта в комиссию; арест ; заключение под стражу; совершение; загруженность


  1. First, the new residents in Dunrossness are different from the construction workers who live in camps situated in various parts of Shetland (including a camp at the airport): these latter are only temporary residents whose residence in Shetland, and whose supposed commitment to Shetland, will end with the end of the construction phase of the.oil era.
  2. The selection panel have to bear in mind the viability of the proposal as set out in the application form, the growth potential of the business, the capital cost of setting up and, most important of all, the commitment, enthusiasm and competence of the candidate.
  3. It is quite a commitment on behalf of the owner.
  4. Many other couples stay with the commitment to a shared problem but fail to resolve it.
  5. Let us look at the word "commitment".
  6. KPMG Peat Marwick introduced a "green code" in August 1990, as part of the company's commitment to improving its own environmental performance.
  7. For someone like William Beattie who was raised in a tradition which firmly linked the preservation of a religious culture with the maintenance of a Protestant and unionist polity, changes in the political world acted to reinforce his religious commitment.
  8. Fear, anxiety, tension, whatever you care to call it, is a common hindrance in all sports requiring balance and results in a loss of commitment and an awkward rigidity in stance, movement becomes restricted and everything becomes more difficult to do.
  9. Such diversity reflects the authors' commitment to the post 70s feminist interest with the range and variegation of women's experiences.
  10. There was real heroism in his commitment to free thought.
  11. Mrs Thatcher's staff will today be scanning Mr Bush's televised Thanksgiving address to the nation last night, in which the President emphasised the continued US commitment to the Nato alliance and the defence of Western Europe, stressing that Nato's fortitude has been a prime cause of the transformations in Eastern Europe.
  12. It allows business people and those in higher education to demonstrate an interest and a commitment to the work of young people in schools.
  13. The commitment to devolution was the Trojan horse within Labour's gates.

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