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Перевод слова

Перевод: closely

близко; тесно; вплотную; убористо; внимательно


  1. LORD HANSON was the highest paid director of a public company last year, closely followed by Roland "Tiny" Rowland.
  2. In order to look at the effect that financial devolution, in the form of LMS, is likely to have, both on schools and on the quality of education, it may be helpful to look closely at what has happened in institutions that have already experienced various levels of financial autonomy.
  3. He worked closely, and made friends with, several leaders of English-speaking Africa and in more recent years had nurtured similar relationships in Angola and Mozambique.
  4. He looked at her more closely as she poured the stale brownish water from the vase down the sink.
  5. How closely related are young males to the harem owners they join or defeat?
  6. For those who have been closely watching the developments in the current Intergovernmental Conferences of the European Community, the Dutch proposals of September 1991 confirmed their deepening concern.
  7. Up until the mid-1980s, most isolates of Bt had been obtained from insects for material closely associated with insects).
  8. The Duke marched out on to the stage which, as everyone knows, represents the world, closely followed by the Duchess, still holding a piece of the Bishop's Palace.
  9. The Trust is working closely with South Shields District Council and others on potential tourism development and protection of the coast.
  10. Singapore's labour unions are uniquely pro-business and collaborate closely with government and employers.
  11. These categories correspond closely to Blauner's, ranging from traditional craft work at the one end to a completely automated, cybernetic, system at the other.
  12. The main means provided to DHAs to effect these changes are contracts for services between DHAs and suppliers; reimbursement formulas based on resident populations; resource management systems which align responsibility for incurring expenditure for its management more closely and provide information on costs of different activities; and medical audit.
  13. There were untold numbers of pleasure boats: some skimming over the bay, while others were closely berthed within the harbour, waiting the evening hour, when they would be in great demand.

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