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Перевод слова

Перевод: cheap speek cheap

дешевый; легкий; доставшийся легко; плохой; низкий; подлый; обесцененный; матерный;


  1. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich and Morningstar Foods were two other junk issuers who attracted similar bids from firms looking for cheap assets.
  2. The Youth Club of the Paris Commune as it was officially known, or the "Paree" as its more irreverent members called it, was a gimcrack affair, cracked concrete and cheap plastic panels, tucked beside the inevitable block of flats, and a health centre, but it was well equipped: table tennis, television, a library, a concert room, a rather more substantial annexe for weight lifting, a hall which doubled up for meetings of the Free German Youth and dancing, and a comfortable lounge where one could buy coffee and soft drinks.
  3. Aided by cheap drum machines and synthesizers, these canny aspirants endeavour to construct a spectacular pop by distilling the pop essence from all past efflorescences, using the hindsight sophistication of the present day.
  4. Drawing on the verbal and musical skills of comedians and other performers who were established in theatre and the music hall, filmmakers were able to make up for their failure to develop indigenous styles of visual comedy, and to produce relatively cheap pictures that enjoyed genuine popularity.
  5. Growing urban scepticism about the ecological wisdom of intensive farming is often paralleled by a lack of appreciation that it has been essential to meet consumer demand for cheap food.
  6. Ever since the post-war beginnings of the atomic dream, it had been the received wisdom that nuclear power was an unquenchable, reliable and, above all, cheap source of electricity.
  7. The setting for Adieu consisted of a couple of pillars and a couch that was all too obviously a crude wooden structure draped with material, giving the clear impression that the ballet had been mounted on the cheap.
  8. What the bulls like is Britain's new political certainty - a rare commodity around the world at the moment with so many major powers facing elections or new leaders - and the belief that London shares are cheap by international standards.
  9. They provide a cheap method of short-term borrowing for bank customers.
  10. Cheap, nasty, etc.
  11. New Musical Express said it was, "Cheap and nasty; a beautiful noise."
  12. Champagne ages perfectly in the producers' cellars with a cheap crown cork, and only sprouts its traditional mushroom just before it goes on sale.
  13. After trudging disconsolately round a few bars, I went back to our cheap hostel, where to my relief I found Dana snoring in the double bed we were to share.

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