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Перевод: care speek care

забота ; попечение; уход ; внимание; призрение; осторожность ; осмотрительность ; заботы ; тревога ;
заботиться; ухаживать; отхаживать; беспокоиться; тревожиться; питать любовь; питать интерес; иметь желание


  1. Many of the people we care for suffer from other crippling disabilities as well as their blindness.
  2. CASE STUDY 2.3 - FAMILY KHAN A Punjabi family arranged to have the husband's mother brought to Britain so that he could care for her.
  3. If you get the odd spot, then self-medication and care should be enough.
  4. But, as usual, statistics must be interpreted with care.
  5. A neonatal intensive care unit is, on this view, a good example of special treatment.
  6. Eva had left her 350,000 house overlooking the sea at Rottingdean, Sussex, in the care of a man who claimed to be a solicitor while she went to look after her 85-year-old mother in Czechoslovakia.
  7. They had helped with their mother's care when she had been at home, and taken part in planning her funeral.
  8. I'll take care of that.
  9. ( The Idiot Boy is intended to justify the retention of such a child in its mother's care, in the same way that Coleridge's The Dungeon pleads for humane treatment of criminals.)
  10. She must do this with very great care, not spill it or make any sort of noise.
  11. The student will also learn about the importance of teamwork in the clinical field by observing the contribution of each to total patient care.
  12. Good health requires more than good NHS care when people are sick.
  13. Yet they have only touched the tip of the iceberg, especially with respect to old people in their own homes or private care.

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