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Перевод слова

Перевод: call speek call

крик ; голос ; зов ; окрик ; оклик ; сигнал ; позывной ; дудка ; манок ; перекличка ; призыв ; вызов ; приглашение; соединение; телефонный вызов; влечение; призвание; визит ; краткий визит; заход в порт; остановка на станции; требование; спрос ; требование уплаты долга; нужда ; необходимость ; объявление; предложение;
звать; позвать; окликать; будить; называть; назвать; давать имя; прозвать; обзывать; обозвать; созывать; зазывать; кликать; вызывать; призывать; навещать; заходить; звонить по телефону; считать


  1. He didn't, and said he'd call you and wouldn't leave a name.
  2. "Don't ye dare call me that, ye bloody cow!" he roared, half-raising his fist.
  3. A uniform call for special deposits, it was argued, could upset their foreign business very substantially.
  4. This is a design that I call "Bubbles", which describes the overall look of the design, without exceeding the eight letters allowed for a name within the Creation 5 programme.
  5. But few Labour MPs privately believed Mr Kinnock had the appetite to continue, and a number of backbenchers were prepared publicly to call for his resignation.
  6. The country was spared the follies that all too often accompany the first six months of a new government while tyro-ministers clamber up what the Civil Service likes to call their learning-curve.
  7. Political analysts expect the Labor government to call the poll some time in February, about five weeks before it is held.
  8. TGWU national secretary Jack Dromey warned the unions would resist any attempt to close the base and call for an independent inquiry.
  9. Potential sponsors should call Denise Summers on 0494 725544.
  10. Look, that's what we call a "goat"."
  11. There's no joining fee and all you have to do is call .
  12. A telephone call reported a device had been placed on one of the SVR train-sets.
  13. He left them in his wake and when a little distance separated them from him, he heard one call out to him.

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