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Перевод: awkward speek awkward

неуклюжий; неловкий; неудобный; затруднительный; трудный; труднопреодолимый; пиковый; угловатый; мешковатый;
жопа [сл.]


  1. Robert Bosch faced an awkward dilemma when designing this cordless version of the palm sander.
  2. It frees him from the awkward contortions of hand and wrist that make violin lessons and practice all too necessary.
  3. As we have seen, there are distinct limitations on what can be achieved by way of conditions on a planning permission; this can often be as awkward for the developer as it is for the planning authority.
  4. If you've ever pushed a bicycle with a flat tyre you'll know what a slow and awkward job it is.
  5. Men can practise putting them on and feeling comfortable with them on their own so that they feel less awkward with someone else.
  6. The learned gloss, "Superfetation of is deliberately awkward.
  7. This is not a good idea as it puts the candidate in the awkward position of not knowing how to address you .
  8. And would the propensity for breaking at awkward moments of nylon clamps, gear wheels in printers, etc be avoided if the properties of Nylon 6 vis--vis 66 (not to speak of the more recent nylons now available) were better appreciated?
  9. The canvas bag she was carrying was awkward too and banged against her legs, threatening to trip her up.
  10. Even if you're awkward and want a Japanese aristocrat with no left ear, then you cannot beat the Celestial store at the Vatican.
  11. Robyn pondered this awkward point.
  12. If someone persists in being awkward, then as leader you can choose to continue the discussion with them elsewhere and move on to another questioner.
  13. The-troops also slept in the lavatories - a very awkward situation, this, as sometimes, if there was an air-raid, the train crawled and the journey could take as long as sixteen hours.

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