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Перевод слова

Перевод: article speek article

предмет ; предмет торговли; вещь ; изделие; поделка ; статья ; пункт ; параграф ; артикль ;
предъявлять пункты обвинения; отдавать по контракту в учение


  1. His work has been the subject of seven one-man exhibitions, has been featured as a lead article in the British Journal of Photography, included in many other shows and has received a number of prizes (including the South Bank Festival Photography Competition 1990 Portfolio).
  2. As promised last month, this article includes the train controller listing (see also April issue).
  3. Four months after this article was written the unit focusing on girls and young women was closed down by the management of the national organization, and we all lost our jobs.
  4. I would place Aspen Pittman's article in the same league as time share selling, or book clubs or something equally hazy with the truth that happens to make a good profit.
  5. In this article we examine two further issues.
  6. Equally, market dominance is not in itself unlawful under Article 86 of the Treaty of Rome.
  7. Imagine his surprise when reading the article on the Benson Bf 109G in your July issue to find that this aircraft was in fact one of "his"!
  8. Your article, "Leaking at the seams" (January 26th), made reference to the vehicle being set up by the council of Lloyd's to reinsure open years of account.
  9. It's the issue with the Tom Verlaine article, the one where Chadwick contributed some Verlaine-orientated thoughts for the piece - but instead of turning first to that, he flips straight to the cover interview with Slash.
  10. I don't want my child to turn into an anti-social loner which, as your article pointed out, is one of the perils of spending hour after hour playing computer games.
  11. I dedicate this article to the memory of Eric Mosley who helped me so much in the early days of my research, to George Wyndham Parker for his encouragement, and to Jack Alcock, without whom this article would never have been possible, my only wish is that I could have met him in person.
  12. Indeed, it is the purpose of this article to suggest that what was alleged at the outset to be the general principle, that of self-determination, is in fact the exception.
  13. Leading Article: Constitutional merits

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