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Перевод: approach speek approach

приближение; доступ ; подступ ; подход ; вход ; заход на посадку; авансы ; попытки ;
подходить; приближаться; близиться; сблизиться; надвигаться; подступать; подступаться; приступиться; обращаться; делать предложения; начинать переговоры; пытаться повлиять; быть почти равным; быть почти похожим


  1. No one will call unless you ask us, and we will not approach your employers for information.
  2. Bismuth was introduced in the 1920s and finally ousted mercury from the therapeutic armamentarium, because its curative action could be attained with doses which, unlike those of mercury, did not approach the lethal amount.
  3. Generally speaking, choreographers can approach their task in three different ways.
  4. The advantages of a rational approach to planning are given here and the breadth of these should alert the reader to the importance of the planning process in providing guidelines to secure organisational effectiveness.
  5. The actor's approach to setting up his Bar and Grill has been eccentric to say the last.
  6. For the guts of Papert's approach is to make geometry and other once-dusty disciplines concrete.
  7. The benefactors' preview, which cost 500 a ticket, was packed with the rich and famous, despite the approach of Hurricane Hugo, which raised temperatures into the 90s.
  8. It is tempting to contrast the 1977 approach with that outlined in the 1988 Action for Cities (HMSO, 1988a).
  9. The classic approach identifies four major problems in rectifying soil erosion.
  10. Like George Habash's PFLP, from which it had broken away in a brutal revolutionary schism, it was opposed to Arafat's gun-and-olive-branch approach towards Israel and therefore outside Arafat's control.
  11. The application of the problem-solving approach in conjoint and family therapy is discussed towards the end of this chapter.
  12. A somewhat more creative approach, however, was demonstrated in renaming the former "Street of the Red Army".
  13. The second approach may have similar weaknesses, but this will depend on how the individual curricula are combined.

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