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Перевод слова

Перевод: amaze speek amaze

изумление; удивление;
изумлять; удивлять; поражать


  1. Looking back at it now this is perhaps the most imaginative part of the Guide Book and his progressive ideas positively amaze us.
  2. The fatal addiction of the human race to trouble is something which, even at 50, has not ceased to amaze me."
  3. And the gardens stimulate, inspire and amaze.
  4. THE wonders of market forces never cease to amaze.
  5. Amaze your child with juggling .
  6. This continued to amaze Ludens who could not imagine existence without reading.
  7. Amaze Your Child
  8. In Chapter 6 (Party Games), there is a special section for number games and also in Chapter 8 (Amaze Your Child).
  9. Their response never ceases to amaze me, as does the accolade accorded to me by the fans.
  10. "Your subtlety never ceases to amaze me.
  11. "You amaze me.
  12. "She never ceases to amaze me," he said, Perrier water with lime clutched to his chest as he stood on the balcony above the stage where Kylie was ridding herself forever of her cutesy image.
  13. Amaze, the impressive, wide-margin winner of a competitive handicap at Newbury last Friday, may make a successful step up in class in the Fielden Stakes (3.05).

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