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Перевод: advance speek advance

продвижение; продвижение вперед; продвижение по службе; наступление; успех ; прогресс ; опережение; опережение по фазе; предварение; упреждение; повышение; повышение цены; аванс ; улучшение; ссуда ;
продвигаться; идти вперед; наступать; продвигаться вперед; двинуться; продвигать; ускорять; делать успехи; успевать; развиваться; повышаться в должности; выдвигать; повышать в цене; повышать; повышаться; повышаться в цене; ссужать деньги; авансировать; платить авансом; переносить на более ранний срок; опережать


  1. It was clearly to France's advantage to advance her south-eastern frontier by the acquisition of Savoy and Nice, while the building of railways in the region would give her a strong economic and strategic position in northern and central Italy.
  2. He said a skilled and ethical therapist would resist such an advance, knowing the harm it might cause the patient.
  3. for the advance which will ensure my scheme's
  4. With the Congress leadership in jail, the Round Table conference which met in London in November, at Irwin's initiative, to discuss constitutional advance, came to nothing, and Irwin realized that he must forego the pleasure of seeing the troublemakers in jail for the hope of constitutional development along the lines he had in mind for India.
  5. The 11th Field Regiment had supported the advance through the Western Desert, past all the names the Eighth Army knew so well in victory and in retreat, and now in victory again; through Egypt into Cyrenaica; and through Roman North Africa to El Agheila.
  6. Any of these people may ask for cash in advance - and then disappear.
  7. Mr Grimstone stressed that the perks would only be available to those who registered their interest in advance, with the cut-off date likely to be some time in mid-November.
  8. Turkey portions, meanwhile - all 2,000 of them - are cooked and frozen in advance in the kitchens of catering colleges.
  9. And again the swift advance.
  10. Prince Charles Edward had now, against vastly superior forces, advanced 500 miles 800 km in 19 weeks from a remote comer of the Outer Hebrides to the very heart of England, a mere 125 miles 200 km from the capital; his advance guard, at Swarkestone Bridge, six miles 10 km beyond Derby, was even closer.
  11. It implies describing carefully the nature, extent and implications of any problems prior to intervention; saying what it is you might do to alter these and why it would be beneficial to try; describing how best this might be brought about; saying in advance what kinds of public test might be applied to support the view that something worthwhile has been achieved; pursuing a solution, and then defending the results against criticism from peers (Sheldon, 1986, p. 224).
  12. The advance of this critical period, however, cannot easily be linked to the idea of a body clock which tends to run fast and so produce daily rhythms which are timed too early because, when daily rhythms have been investigated in these patients, it appears that daily rhythms are irregular , rather than altered in a particular direction.
  13. Amid the clippings, I find a snapshot of myself sitting on top of a Syrian T-54 battle tank on the Beirut front line at Galerie Semaan; another photograph taken by Zoheir Saade of the Associated Press shows Ed Cody of the AP and myself standing with Syrian troops in the mountains before the 1976 advance on Beirut.

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